products and services
Access control systems installation
Access Control Systems maintenance
CCTV installation
CCTV maintenance
Electrical Certificates of Compliance (Commercial only)
Electrical maintenance - standard monthly contract Time and Materials
Electrical maintenance - standard monthly contract Retainer
Electrical maintenance - preventative maintenance
Lighting design
Lighting installation
Distribution Board maintenance with Infra Red monitoring
Installation of normal, dedicated and UPS socket circuits
Electrical installation in hazardous areas
Fire detection
Fire detection and suppression liquid
Fire detection and suppression gas
Energy management
Motor starting and control
Office and factory relocation
Electrical designs
Power factor correction
UPS and standby generator installation
UPS and standby generator maintenance
UPS installation
UPS maintenance
Standby generator installation
Standby generator maintenance
Electric Fencing installation
Electric Fencing maintenance/repair
Intercom and Intruder Alarm installation
Intercom and Intruder Alarm repair
Gate Motor installation
Gate Motor repair
Remote Monitoring via SMS

General Electrical reticulation